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Our packaging pros welcome a challenge.

Large and awkward, small and delicate, or any combination in between, we offer the solutions to your packing needs.

We offer:

  • made-to-size containers and crates
  • double-walled corrugated
  • Ranpak packaging material for cushioning and protecting items during shipping
  • specialized foam padding
  • stretch-wrapping
  • palletizing
  • blanket/pad wrap


Artwork and Antiques

We have been offering our services to artists, galleries, furniture makers, retail stores, museums and auction houses since 1995.

Glass front and canvas art

  • layer of glass mask to protect the print, photograph or artwork under glass
  • layer of glassine to protect a canvas.
  • wrapped in bubble wrap
  • covered on both sides with corrugated sheets
  • packed in a standard box, custom box or crate
  • empty space in container is filled using packing peanuts.

Heirlooms and fine china (Double Boxing)

  • each piece is bubble wrapped before placing it in a box cushioned with packing peanuts
  • the box is then placed in a larger box to take the brunt of all handling, shock and vibration while in transit.
  • this packaging technique is called double boxing

Shipments are fully covered by our declared value program.

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