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Some Packing and Shipping Tips

Pak Mail is proud to offer a selection of both packing and shipping advice, steps and tips to follow for a variety of items. The thing is, when items being shipped or delicate or perishable, such as green chile, the goal is to make sure it safely arrives where it is being sent. If you have any questions for us, please give us a call at 505-989-7380.


Santa Fe, do you have a friend or family member who needs a green or red chile fix? Need to send some tamales to Alaska? Or how about sending that college student his biscochitos? Or your mother’s posole for that special taste of home?

  • Keep items refrigerated or frozen until just prior to shipping.
  • Bring in frozen gel packs with the goodies to keep them cool.
  • We may be able to place the item in our in-store refrigerator for storage until courier pick-up.
  • Whenever possible, ship perishables for next-day delivery to minimize time in transit.
  • Avoid shipping perishables on a Thursday or Friday, or else the package may suffer extreme temperatures for as many as four days.
  • Chocolates may melt in transit in summer.
  • Freeze cakes, shipping to keep them solid. Wrap the frozen cake in plastic wrap and then in aluminum foil to help keep it cold.
  • Place individually wrapped cookies on a strong paper plate.

Holiday Shipping

  • Ship holiday packages early, at least 2 weeks ahead if possible. At Christmas time, couriers typically encounter such a volume of packages that they lift delivery guarantees for a short time.

Electronic Devices and Computers

  • Make sure power supplies and cables are present and accounted for.
  • Back up data on a removable drive or disk.
  • Remove ink cartridges and toner to prevent accidental spillage. Place them in a separate zip-lock bag to include in the shipment.
  • Record make, model and serial number of the equipment.
  • Batteries must be removed because electronic devices can inadvertently go off while in transit.
  • The small package industry has specific packaging requirements for shipping computers. Any and all claims for damage will be denied when packaging is not to standard
  • We carry custom-designed shipper-approved laptop boxes in stock.

Prohibited Items

  • Hazardous or flammable material, (including cologne), aerosol cans, firearms, furs, perishables, plants, tobacco, and liquor.
  • Pornographic material is illegal in some countries.

Military shipping

  • Military shipping rates are the same as domestic rates since APO and FPO zip codes are to military post offices located within the U.S. Military post offices distribute mail and packages to overseas personnel as a free service, however custom forms must be completed as usual.


  • Keep purchase receipts or appraisals as evidence of value.
  • Take several pictures of the item
  • If you are doing your own packaging, make sure a fragile item is cushioned well before gift wrapping.

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