Furniture packed and shipped from Coast to Coast, Border to Border, and around the World

At Pak Mail, we ship furniture that’s boxed or unboxed, we ship furniture that’s brand new, and we ship furniture that’s been in the family for generations. We ship antique furniture, used furniture, and furniture sold on eBay, you name it – if you need to ship furniture, call Pak Mail Santa Fe.

Pak Mail is ideal for those who need to send just one or two pieces of furniture; too small for a moving company to handle but just right for Pak Mail. Our personal approach means that we clearly explain your shipping options to give you the best value for your situation.
We have options to get furniture from here to there overnight or slower and more economical depending on what you need so you get the best service.

Blanket Wrap Service:

  1. easiest for you
  2. door to door inside pick-up and delivery
  3. less packaging required,
  4. small number of transfers and more gentle transport
  5. rates based on dimensions
  6. cover your furniture via our Exclusive Alternate Declared Value Program
  7. no hassle claims handling: just call Pak Mail.
  8. delivery options:
    • dedicated Delivery
    • date specific delivery
    • 4-6 week economy delivery

To get a Free Quote from Pak Mail, click HERE and complete the form. We will then contact you to review your quote with you. If you need to speak with us immediately click here to Contact Us.

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